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Bypass Mobile Verification using this website

Concerned about your privacy while registering for a new website with your phone number?

Well, Tech Aficionado brings up yet another useful website which I guarantee you're going to need several times.

There are tonnes of websites on the internet which provide some of the great services and have very useful products to explore. Some of the websites require registration in order to avail their service while others don't. To be very honest I'm not a big fan of registration and then using the website for your need, that's why you don't need to register in order to read Tech Aficionado's blog. These registrations can be very annoying as they collect information about their users like Name, e-mail address, and whatnot. Giving an email for registration automatically means that you're going to receive promotional emails on a regular basis(weekly, biweekly, daily, or maybe monthly). Registration with email is still bearable as you'll be only receiving the promotional emails which you can most probably unsubscribe to. The issue is when you got to register with your mobile number too. In that case, people sometimes hesitate to register with their personal phone number due to privacy concerns and also no option to unsubscribe from the promotional and offer messages received on the phone number.

So this is the main issue which we'll tackle today.

If the registration with your mobile number is mandatory then you've to fill in a phone number in order to get an OTP to go further in the registration.

This website allows you to bypass this process of registration. No, it doesn't hack into the website and just gets you into the website you want to register. This is a very simple website that gives you a valid phone number to get you past through this. The name of this website is Receive Online SMS for free.

Here's the link to the website: Receive Online SMS for Free

What this basically does is that it has plenty of phone numbers from countries all over the world and from whatever place you belong to you can just pick up that phone number and enter it in the registration form.

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If I don't have that phone number, how am I going to receive the OTP?

Well, this website displays all the messages received on the phone number you clicked. Also, this ain't a scam that it just shows some random mobile phone number and doesn't get the message. I've personally checked the legitimacy of this website by sending a message to one of its phone numbers through my personal phone number.

You know what? The message was actually received and was displayed on this very website. Here's the screenshot.

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So as you can see this is the message I wrote from my personal number, my half number is displayed beside the actual text message. Seeing the screenshot from this website you must have noticed that the UI/UX of this website is absolutely rubbish but nevertheless the task with which is going to help you neglects all other aspects of this powerful tool.

Things to keep in mind while using this website

Make sure you don't register using the phone numbers provided for important stuff such as which involves payment because you may never get the same phone number again as the number on this website keeps shuffling from time to time and choose wisely where to and where not to use this website. This is meant for educational purposes only and whatever action you take using this website, Tech Aficionado isn't accountable for that.

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