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Top 4 Google tricks you must know

Want to read out a huge number?

Visit Google and type the number you want to read out in the form of a sentence, for example, two thousand and fifty-one. Type it as "XXXXXXXX = english". Make sure it is not in capital letters. This formula is case-sensitive.

Bored with simple Google?

Make Google do a barrel roll as many times as you want. All you need to do is type " Do a barrel roll" in the search bar and the next thing you witness is the main page starting to roll. Have a look at it.

Use Google as calculator

Write any equation you want to solve in the search bar and use google as a calculator.

Go to Google and type out the equation you want to find. See the reference screenshot to know it better

Want royalty-free images for free?

You can use Google directly to find royalty-free images. Royalty-free images are images that don't have any copyright issues. It can be used without the permission of the owner of the image.

1. Search the desired image you want to be Royalty-free. Say, chair.

2. Click on "Tools" on the top, just beside settings.

3. Click on "Creative Commons license".

4. Now you can download these images for free and don't have to face any issue for copyright infringements.

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