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10 Free Netflix Alternatives(Legal)

Fed up paying Netflix bills?

Tech aficionado brings you a list of various websites that have some great content comparable to Netflix and are absolutely free. Most of the websites have a Single Sign-in option that is using Google, Facebook accounts, so signing up to these websites won't be much of an issue.

Single Sign-in option that is using Google, Facebook accounts, so signing up to these websites won't be much of an issue.

Some of the listed websites might not be available in India and some other parts of the world so you may use the following VPN's based on your device:

Let's Go

This is as of now available for the US region only but you can easily use the stated VPNs to browse the amazing website. IMDb TV contains movies and shows from all the available genres. You can watch any shows with their IMDb rating shown on the corner for free, you just have to signup using your Google, Facebook, etc accounts and you're good to go with a few amount of ads on it. Fun fact, IMDb is owned by Amazon. Click here


One of the best places to catch free shows online, and they also have an impressive movie selection. Tubi is often called the free alternative to Netflix, and for good reason: not only can you watch many of the same shows that Netflix has, but there are a number of great movies and shows available on the service that you wouldn’t be able to find on either Netflix or Hulu. Click here


It was just a marketing ploy by Walmart to go with DVDs and Blu-Rays purchased at their stores. However, with time, it’s grown to be one of the bigger streaming services out there, with a pretty decent selection of free options. Vudu has a huge content base, it also has a paid subscription which unlocks even more content or you could use the free service that comes with some ads displayed during the movie. Click here

Pluto TV

Pluto TV comes with an option of application that can be downloaded from Google Playstore as well as the App Store. This is also limited to the U.S. but as mentioned earlier you can easily use any VPN or the VPN stated above to browse through some of the best contents. Click here.


This is not exactly a streaming service but this gives you the opportunity to watch TV channels across parts of the U.S. for free. Yes, you've to use a VPN for this too. Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and Denver are the select U.S regions whose local channels are available online without an antenna or television. It is also available on the App store as well as the Google Play store to download and directly browse through different U.S. television channels. Click here

Top Documentary Films

If you're into documentaries and can't find it anywhere you can easily find literally any documentary on this unadulterated website. The content here is created with a passion for documentary films and the site is a valuable resource for those with an interest in that particular genre. It also tries to help independent documentary filmmakers to promote their films on this global platform. This also plays some ads and lets you watch the documentaries for free. Click here


It has done a huge amount of work in terms of producing high-quality programming to entertain and educate the public. If you remember watching shows like Cosmos, This Old House, and America’s Test Kitchen, these experiences can still be available to you for free.

While PBS doesn’t have their entire catalog on the internet, they do have a massive number of free documentaries and television series for you to watch on their website via PBS Online or on their app. You can become a WHYY Passport member to expand your access, but this requires a monthly donation. Click here

Con TV

This website looks very similar to that of Netflix, has almost the same user experience as Netflix, and does feel good while browsing the contents. The ad-supported site makes a point of giving the user access to fairly specific categories of entertainment, like Korean dramas and anime. These sorts of niche categories can be difficult to find elsewhere, so Viewster aims to provide a service by offering a huge number of different programming options. Click here

Classic Cinema Online

This website contains only classic movies, if you're into classics then you must check out this content-providing platform free of cost. This also requires you to sign up and then you're good to go. The classics range from serials to silents. Click here

Popcorn Flix

Might sound like clickbait but no this is an actual website that has some legit content and is totally free. This platform is famous for its movie content. You will find a collection of cult classics, indie films, ribald comedies, low-budget sci-fi, and things of that ilk. Like Netflix, they even produce original shows of their own. Click here

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