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iMessage and iCloud Accounts Are Different? 3 Solutions

Does your iPhone display an error message that says iMessage and iCloud accounts are different?

Is it limiting the iMessage functionality? Want to learn how to make both of them on the same account? Here is what to do to fix this challenge.

Do not put pressure on your mind, as this is a common problem. Many iPhone users who are using several Apple IDs have to use unique IDs for iMessage and iCloud. Luckily, there is a quick fix to this matching issue.

iMessage and iCloud Accounts Are Different? 3 Solutions

Why Do These Accounts Don't Match?

Before moving ahead with learning solutions, you must understand why iCloud and iMessage accounts are not matching. To sync iMessage to iCloud, you will have to use your iCloud account as the iMessage default account.

iMessage chats synchronization would not be possible without it. The reason is that you are using multiple accounts on your device. This would occur every time you use more than a single Apple ID. It will create a problem in sending messages via iMessage.

Potential Solutions to Fix the Problem

There are multiple solutions to solve iCloud and iMessage different account errors. But first, wait for 24 hours. This is because sometimes this could be a temporary error that can only be resolved at the end of Apple. It will be fixed automatically within 24 hours.

Many iPhone users reported that this error gets resolved easily when they see this message after updating to iOS 13. When your iPhone syncs messages to your Mac, sign out of iMessage from Mac. Learning how to disconnect iMessage from Mac can also assist.

Sign Into the Similar Account

iMessage and iCloud Accounts Are Different? 3 Solutions

If iMessage and iCloud accounts are different, you might receive an error within 24 hours, the problem could be signing into different accounts. To use a similar account, launch the Settings app. Click the Messages option. Under the iMessage toggle, there is an option, 'Send & Receive.'

Click on it to see the account you can use to send and receive your messages. Here, you'll see addresses and Apple ID. This Apple ID you can use to chat over iMessage. Click email ID next to Apple ID and choose Sign Out. It will remove all earlier IDs from the list and show only your contact number to access iMessage through it. Sign in to iMessage with an iCloud account.

How to Use the Same Account?

Signing into iMessage with the iCloud account will make iMessage use identical accounts. Go to the Settings page and open iCloud settings by clicking on your profile. The given email ID is your Apple ID used to access the iCloud services. Note down that email ID somewhere. Move to the Settings page again and hit the Messages option.

Choose the Send & Receive option. Click on the Use your Apple ID for iMessage button. Choose Sign in if an email address is similar to the email ID you have noted. If there are some differences in email ID, choose the Use Other Apple ID option and input the address you noted earlier. Let your phone sync to iCloud services. Apple ID will appear in iMessage.

Sync iMessage Chats and iCloud

Once you use the same Apple ID for iCloud and iMessage, sync your messages to the iCloud service. Access iCloud preferences by clicking on your profile in the Settings app. Next, hit on the iCloud button.

Choose the Show All option below Sync with iCloud. Now, choose the Messages option. Activate the toggle close to Sync this iPhone. Link your iPhone to a wireless network to sync messages to iCloud. Now, you can access chats from everywhere on any Apple device.

Resolve Sync Issue of iMessage and iCloud

iMessage and iCloud Accounts Are Different? 3 Solutions

Not just on iPhones, but some users encounter the sync problem of iCloud and iMessage on their Macs. To solve this issue, press the Apple menu and click System Preferences, and then Apple ID. Locate your Apple ID under your name in the window's left corner.

Launch the Messages app and hit on the Messages option in the menu bar. Next, tap Preferences and hit iMessage. Search for your Apple ID. If the iCloud and iMessage Apple IDs are not the same, sign out of the iMessage window by tapping on the Sign Out button.

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The Conclusion

That's all about the most effective tip to implement when this dissimilarity error pops up. So, whenever you use unique IDs for iCloud services and iMessage, work on the above fixing guide. It will help you start a chat on one device and take it to another.

Different iMessage and iCloud IDs can also lead to another error while using iMessage's Name and Photos sharing feature. You might see a message that says Messages in iCloud are not available.iMessage's Try the same troubleshooting tip to fix this problem.

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