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Why the MacBook's glowing Apple logo was removed?

Apple is so far the best company in business and makes sure to stand out in the market. It has been known for its enormous tech-filled gadgets and the best piece of softwares. The removal is a big controversy as it was on the Apple MacBooks for decades. Without beating around the bushes, let's tell you why apple took such a huge step. MacBook air in 2014 used to be 17.3 mm thick with the logo when the thinnest ever MacBook that is MacBook air with no glowing apple logo was launched, it was only 13.1 mm thick.

apple macbook thickness

One of the main reasons to remove the lit logo was to decrease the thickness of the MacBook. For the sake of thickness, Apple came up with a new form of keyboard mechanism known as the New Apple-designed butterfly mechanism.

apple keyboard mechanism

It was different from the traditional scissor mechanism. But it became a major fail as it used to malfunction a lot so Apple brought the conventional mechanism back. Decreasing the thickness of a MacBook was quite an issue keeping the lit-up logo as the logo was translucent and allowed opposite illuminating sources to enter through it and cause colour inaccuracy on the screen.

apple glow logo

The second issue was the structural disbalance caused due to the logo which was seen in iPad pro too. The removal of translucent plastic and replacing it with a hard metal made it very strong structurally. So these are the reasons why Apple removed its attention-seeking lit-up logo. Apple was also by that time an established company and believed in minimalism. Hope you like the post and gained some insights. Do share and hit like.

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