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Change the icon of your PenDrive/FlashDrive/USB Drive

Updated: May 16, 2021

Bored of your old disk-like icon of the PenDrive/FlashDrive/USB Drive?
Change the icon and stand out from the crowd

Drive icon

1. Transfer the photo which you want to set as an icon to your Pendrive

2. Right-click on the image and open it using "Paint"

change drive icon, tech aficionado

3. In Paint, click on "File" & then "Save As" and save it as "BMP", which stands for BitMap.

change drive icon, tech aficionado

4. Now make a new text document in "NotePad" and type


icon = _name of your image_.bmp

In my case, it's


icon = Tech Aficionado.bmp

change drive icon, tech aficionado

5. Then save the text file as "autorun.inf" and make sure to select it as "All Files".

6. You'll see the file saved as ".inf" will have a gear icon with it.

change drive icon, tech aficionado

7.Now you will be having 4 files in the Pendrive folder, you can delete the .jpg/.jpeg image as well as the text document. Don't delete the BMP and autorun files.

8. Eject your Pendrive/flash drive/USB drive and replug it

9.Now the icon has been changed.

10. The BMP and autorun files will be visible in the folder, you can simply go to "Properties" and check the box in front of "Hidden", apply and it''ll not be visible on the drive.

change drive icon, tech aficionado

If you format your drive, the icon will be gone too.

Also, to remove the icon, go to "View" and in "Show/Hide" you can see the hidden items and then delete them and change them.

change drive icon, tech aficionado

Make sure the image you're using to set it as your icon is in a compressed version as the BMP format is very large in size after conversion.

Hope the steps were clear, make sure to share it and hit the like. You can post any queries in the comment section.

Easing up Tech~Tech Aficionado

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