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Clipt-Bringing Apple ecosystem to Android

People wonder why Apple users end up buying all the Apple products, the reason is that Apple provides a very seamless and easy way to directly copy, paste your OTP, text, and stuff across all the Apple devices. If you're an Apple user and you get a call on your iPhone you will be receiving it on your Touchbar of the MacBook. There are several other reasons. But OnePlus also "Never Settles" so OnePlus recently launched an app named "Clipt". It allows users to directly copy on mobile devices and paste it on their desktop and vice versa.

You can download the app here:- Clipt App

You can add the extension here:- Clipt Extension

I personally have been using Clipt for a week and found out that it is not seamless but definitely easy to use. Clipt uses Google drive to make things easy, you just have to log in through the same google accounts on both the extension as well as the android application. It is still being developed for iPhone users. The good part is that you can easily transfer links, documents, pictures, and text on your clipboard. In order to send documents or pictures you just have to share them to clipt and then go to Clipt extension or application and download. So far the document and picture experience is flawless.

Clipt, tech aficionado
Clipt App Interface
clipt app
Notification panel after downloading clipt

All you have to do is simply copy anything and either you can click on the clipt option or simply copy using "Ctrl+C".

clipt,tech aficionado,use of clipt

So as is visible, you can either copy or click on Clipt.

It will be automatically updated on the clipt app or extension and you can directly paste it. The clipboard of your device gets updated each time you copy while keeping the extension turned ON. Right now it is not as good as the Apple ecosystem but being developed for the first it's pretty much what we should expect. You must give it a try and post your experience in the comment section.

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