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Clubhouse Explained

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Found Clubhouse on trending but absolutely clueless about what exactly Clubhouse is?
Well, Tech Aficionado brings you an informative blog on Clubhouse and all about it's huge popularity.

I stumbled across “Clubhouse” a few days ago when I received my first invite and now, I’m hooked! Having used this app for a week now, I came across its features that I would like to share in this blog. In the beginning, it felt almost useless, but as I started using it more often it felt like a new experience which is one of a kind.

Clubhouse founder

Clubhouse, founded by Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson, is an invitation-only social media app for iOS and Android. It’s an audio-only app that hosts live discussions in which users can communicate in voice chat rooms that can accommodate groups of thousands of people with opportunities to participate through reading and listening. You can join rooms with a single tap and you're good to talk.

People might get confused as to why it is any different from "Discord" or "Slack", but the point here is that Clubhouse doesn’t represent itself as a voice chatting app. It initiated as sort of a social media app where you can follow your favorite celebrities and have a shot at talking with them. It is similar to a podcast but it's better as it is live. It can very well be marketed to the people who don’t prefer chatting but like to listen, as participation is not mandatory.

Clubhouse app was launched in the year 2020 on an invitation-only basis making it overhyped. But we can't deny the fact that this is an excellent strategy as it is very human to be desperate for what you don't have excess to. As of now, people who are already part of the "Clubhouse" app have 5 invitations that is they can invite 5 people of their choice, and then they can be a part of clubhouse too. Though clubhouse is not the first one to introduce an “invitation-only” strategy. This strategy was earlier used by the smartphone company "OnePlus". People had to either register on the official website and get in a line or request an invite from someone who has received an invite. This strategy worked wonders for OnePlus the first 2 times because with very little money they could create immense buzz. The phone also got amazing reviews to add to the hype. ( If you want to read more about this, you can click here)

Clubhouse was fortunate enough to get popular because of the CEO of Tesla "Elon Musk". He made a statement of chatting with the President of Russia on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse has become so trendy because of how unique it is and doesn’t fall in any niche, in fact, it basically fills a small gap between all the social media apps by giving an experience never experienced before. We have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, even WhatsApp for texting, video call, voice messages but an audio-only app was missing, which is now fulfilled by Clubhouse.

So overall, it is a great experience and one should definitely try it at least once. If you liked the blog make sure to like it and subscribe to receive daily updates.

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