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Dark Web explained

In today's blog, we're going to discuss about dark web.

To make you understand the dark web in depth and its use, I want you guys to be familiar with some of the technical terms related to website you should know. A website consists of two parts viz. a domain as well as hosting. Assume any website as a house and the domain as the address plate of the house basically the house number and hosting as the amount of land consumed by thay particular house which in case of a website is known as hosting. So you have to pay in order to buy a piece of storage on the internet as well as the domain.

Now coming to the title of the topic. Dark web is nothing but a web server which cannot be accessed with the use of normal web browsers. The internet common people surf is known as Surface web, this can be accessed using any server. Then comes into the picture "Deep web", these are websites that are not indexed on any search engines such as Google, Microsoft Bing or Yahoo. It can only be accessed if you have the link for it. Suppose I make one more page of my website and do not index it in any of the search engines, it will be categorised as Deep web, several banking firms work in deep web only. Now the dark web consists of websites that are neither available by searching on search engines nor on directly searching the link on your web browser.

Dark web explained, tech Aficionado

These are operated under hundreds of VPN. Using dark web will stop you from giving any type of locational information on the internet. Suppose you enter a dark website then it'll be first directed to a VPN A then B and finally to Z. If someone wants to track you he/she will have to track back all the VPN's which is not very easy. That's why dark webs are used by hackers or illegal drugs supplier so they can't be tracked down. The websites made under this don't require to buy any hosting as it's not available on general browser and the storage is used from the system through which the dark website was made. All types of illegal activities are done under the dark web. To create a website in the dark web you've to use a special browser known as TOR .

This is an open source software and absolutely free which can be used to access the dark web. Don't be scared to use this but you must remain cautious as there are many hackers who can hack your computer from the dark web. The browser TOR helps you creating your own website and host it on the dark web and in the dark web the space occupied is from the host computer itself so it is absolutely free to make a website. There are lots of YouTube tutorials you can watch on how go make a website using TOR. Pros are that it doesn't track you and no data is shared through the internet and the cons are that there is absolutely no guarantee that you can not be hacied using the dark web. I recommend not to visit the dark web but if you still wish to, you must visit the websites that are safe.

So this was all from my side, hope you learned something.

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