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Why is deleting e-mails necessary?

Inbox filled with thousands of emails that you even don't know about?

Having junk mails in your inbox doesn't seem to be a big issue, right? You might be unaware of the fact that storing an e-mail can cause severe air pollution. Yes, you read it absolutely right. On an average, One spam e-mail emits 0.3 grams of Carbon Dioxide, a regular email message emits 4 grams of Carbon dioxide and an email with an attachment emits almost 50 grams of Carbon Dioxide. Shocked by these numbers? Now let's see how and why this happens. Unread emails, spam emails, and any other type of emails are electronically stored on data servers and these data servers occupy physical space. Well, here we're still not concerned about the physical space but the electricity required to run the data servers. Some of the world’s largest data centers can each contain many tens of thousands of IT devices and require more than 100 megawatts (MW) of power capacity—enough to power around 80,000 U.S. households. According to studies 60 Billion spam emails are sent daily which means 1.8 million kg of Carbon Dioxide is emitted daily into the environment.

Why is deleting e-mails necessary?,tech aficionado, harshal srivastava, tech blog

As most countries use fossil fuels as the source of electrical energy, a large amount of carbon dioxide is emitted into the environment due to the burning of fossil fuels. This is an issue that is known to almost every large-scale technology-based companies making it the reason not to disclose the exact figures of data servers in their company. For example, Google never disclosed this figure as the figure could be enormously big making it indirectly the company with maximum emissions of Carbon Dioxide. So this is something that can't be taken care of by us. All that can be done is that you can make sure to delete all the spam emails and read emails that are not important.

Why is deleting e-mails necessary?,tech aficionado, harshal srivastava, tech blog

Go to the above shown folder and make sure to delete them all (which are not important), as by deleting even a single email, you're making a huge difference for the environment. So that's all from our side, make sure to like, subscribe and share it if you find it interesting.

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