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Unlock your laptop using your fingerprint( Even without a fingerprint scanner in your laptop)

Don't have a fingerprint scanner on your PC?

Don't worry, Tech Aficionado got you covered.

Nowadays, there are several laptops having an in-built fingerprint lock mechanism but some of them don't. You can absolutely use this method to get your system unlocked with the help of your fingerprint. All you need to do is to download this super cool app named "Remote Fingerprint Unlock". You must download the module provided in the description of the app on your PC too.

Here's the link to download this app:

The PC link is given in the description of the app too. Also, the app has been personally checked by me, so you don't need to worry about the safety of your system, this app is absolutely safe and easy to operate.

One of the most important features your smartphone must possess is that it should have a fingerprint scanner, either on-screen or conventional.

After you've finished installing the module from the drive link, open it and you'll receive a warning that it might not be safe but as earlier mentioned it's absolutely safe.

You have to click on "more info" and click on "Run Anyways". After that just accept all the terms and conditions to finish the installation of the module.

Now in your mobile app, try to scan your desktop by hitting on the "+" icon using Bluetooth or IP address or a direct scan, click on your desktop name when you find it.

After you've added the desktop click on the "three-dot" button and then "Add account"

Now comes the important part, people often get confused in this part and end up uninstalling the app, in the account details you've to enter your login credentials of the account you're operating in your windows such as outlook or whatever account you're logged in your desktop.

After you've followed the steps carefully, you're good to go.

Hope you liked this great trick and if you did make sure to hit like and comment on the post if you like it. Do share it with your friends and family.

Easy up Tech - Tech Aficionado

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