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Make glitchy effect in Photoshop

How to make glitchy effect in photoshop?

The glitchy effect is generally a high-class design that can be made in photoshop with great ease. Hereby you will find a pictorial representation of how to make a glitchy effect in photoshop.

1. Open the artboard with any colour of your choice, I have chosen white to enhance the glitch effect.

2. Type in your text to which you want to give the effect or import the picture for this effect.

3. Right-click on the layer of text and then go to blending options at the top. You can go to blending options by double-clicking on the layer.

4. Then under blending options, there will be an option for channel with RGB and ticked boxes, untick the box for "R".

5. Hit enter

6. Press "Ctrl+J" and repeat the same process but now tick the box corresponding to "R" and untick the box for "G" which is basically green colour.

7. Hit enter and now you will find absolutely no change. Now type "V" or click on the "Move" tool at the left top menu. Using that drag the top layer and adjust it until you receive the effect of your desire. Make sure to hold "Ctrl" while dragging the layer as it smoothens the process.

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