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Plot X-Y coordinates using Microsoft Excel

Stuck with X-Y coordinates and unable to plot it?

Well, Tech Aficionado brings a stepwise pictorial guide on how to easily plot X-Y coordinates using MS Excel.

Let's Go

Open your spreadsheet

Type the data you want to plot, say "X-Axis" and "Y-Axis", then select all the data by left-clicking and dragging it from the diagonals.

After selection, go to "Insert", under the insert option click on "Scatter and Bubble" charts to make an X-Y plot.

You can select the type of scatter and bubble chart as per your requirements, which can be dotted, lined, dotted with the line, etc.

Then you will be able to see the graph plotted as per the data in a spreadsheet. You can try changing the values of and you'll notice the graph getting updated as soon as the values are changed.

You can customize the background of the chart and the lines used to plot the graph

Right-click on the graph and change the color in the "Fill" option and the background color will be changed.

You can also change the colour of "Chart Title", Horizontal and Vertical Lines" as per your nedd.

Hope you find the post helpful and if you did, make sure to hit like and comment on the post if you like it. Do share it with your friends and family.

Easy up Tech - Tech Aficionado
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