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Things about Netflix you didn't know about

Like binging Netflix but unaware of the Netflix Facts?

Tech Aficionado brings you up with some of the lesser known facts about your favourite Over-The-Top platform "Netflix".

The name "Netflix" - It is now a very common name but earlier there was a severe brainstorming session on keeping the name of Netflix, some of the ideas that got kicked around were DirectPix, Replay, Luna, and Keeble( it was the name of the dog of founding CEO, Marc Randolph). After a while, it was decided to be what it is now i.e. Netflix.

Spoiler Expert- It is a cultural anthropologist who examines spoilers within the context of binge-watching, they gather info on the impact of spoilers on the viewers, that is, does spoiler impact on him/her watching the show. Studies revealed that most of the viewers end up watching the highly popular show even spoilers have been given to them,

Netflix and Chill- The term "Netflix and Chill" was not coined by the company, it was coined from a tweet by "NoFaceNina" where she said, "I'm about to log onto Netflix and chill for the rest of the night"

Weird yet awesome jobs- Netflix hires people specifically for consuming the content of Netflix known as "Taggers", they are supposed to watch 3 to 8 titles weekly. The part for which they are paid is tagging, categorizing, and sub-tagging the movie and series as per their genres with over millions of keywords. This might sound like a dream part-time job but it is not as easy as it sounds plus Netflix is very fussy about hiring the right person.

Story Behind Netflix- It all started from the CEO, Reed Hastings himself. He had a great passion for movies and rented almost every movie, he in fact paid the late fees which were not so pocket-friendly for him. His wife was quite frustrated with this action of his. He came to know that this whole movie renting system is flawed while exercising in his gym. Analogous to the gym, he came up with the idea of paying monthly subscription charges and using as much as you want.

Netflix Rejections- Netflix was almost purchased by the company called "BlockBuster" which was the company that rented movies disk. Netflix offered "BlockBuster" to buy 49% of the stakes of the company and associate it with the blockbuster brand and serve as an online form of this business but "Blockbuster" rejected the offer which was later dissolved after 10 years

Netflix data- It contains a petabyte of movies and shows, a petabyte is 1024 terabytes. For an initial smoothness of the streamable content, a test show named "An example show" was released on Netflix. It is now deleted but it was on the platform for quite a long time. At the end of the article, I've attached the video in case you're curious to see the first-ever content launched on Netflix.

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