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What is a QR code? How to generate your own QR Code?

QR code is basically a two-dimensional storage image used to store any to every type of data in encrypted form. The decryption device used are cameras of smartphones. There are three boxes in the QR code and have lines and dots.

The QR code contains dots and lines to store the data of any form.

Smartphone uses its camera to decrypt the QR code. It can store information like wifi name and password, text, phone number, UPI ID, website, etc. It is a medium to take offline information to online information quickly. That's why its full form is Quick Response code, as soon as a person scans it, all the information encrypted is decrypted

Here's how you generate your own QR code

1. Visit the website named QR Code Monkey

2. You can choose various destinations to be reached by scanning the QR Code. We will take for a URL, say

3. Then set the foreground and background colours in "Set Colours".

4. You can also add the desired logo in the center of the QR code, by clicking on "Add Logo Image" and then hit on "Create QR Code".

4. The best thing about this website is that you don't have to sign up for this. Just visit the website, customize the design and download it within seconds.

Here' the QR Code to my website. Scan it and get redirected to the homepage of our website "Tech Aficionado"

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