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Remove objects from your images (Photoshop)

1. Open the image you want to remove object(s) from.

2. Right-click on "Marquee Tool" and choose whatever shape according to your need. Say, rectangle.

3. After choosing the appropriate shape, right-click and drag it around the object you want to remove.

4. A dotted moving line will appear, then from the above "Edit" menu, choose "Content-Aware Fill".

5. If you have got an older version of Adobe Photoshop, just click on that and a pop-up menu will appear. Simply click on it and you will be done but if you have a higher version i.e. 2021 version then a new pop-up will open and select "Auto"

6. On the right menu, a preview will be visible. If it seems appropriate to you just hit on apply. ( If not appropriate, try changing the shape of your Marquee Tool)

7. As soon as you hot on "Apply" your image will have that object removed. Hit "OK".

8. Now the dashed line still appears, just press "Ctrl+D"

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