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Stop Spotify ads for free

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Annoyed with Spotify ads?

Tech aficionado brings you an amazing trick through which you can stop hearing those annoying Spotify ads.

Already overburdened with bills of various subscription services and now left with no more to spend for Spotify premium. Well, after reading this you don't have to worry about the irksome ads being played after your favorite songs.

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All you need to do is download the "Mutify" app from the Google Play Store. Click here to download. This app stops you from hearing the ads by simply muting the audio of the ads in its running time. It doesn't technically remove the ads completely but mutes the audio when ads start playing. Honestly speaking the tone and style of the ads played on Spotify are quite displeasing, so even if an app prevents us from listening to those ads, it could be a blessing for the ears. I have personally tried this app and it works wonders but it comes with some cons. Firstly, you must have Spotify installed on your mobile phone, this app doesn't work with the lite version of Spotify that is "Spotify Lite". Luckily I encountered this problem because I had the lite version installed on my phone. Mutify app doesn't recognize the lite version at all. Secondly, this app is unable to mute the ads which are played when you deliberately change the soundtracks. But there is a solution to this problem. In order to mute those ads, you have to change tracks from the Mutify app itself. The Mutify app has a feature that enables us to change tracks and play/pause music from the Spotify App.

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Lastly, Mutify is not available for iPhone users. So apple users are still going to get Spotify ads if they don't have the premium service. Mutify works like a charm. Muting might not seem like a wonderful idea, but at least give this app a shot and you will absolutely find it useful. If you liked the tricks make sure to give a like, share it with your friends, and to receive updates make sure to subscribe to us.

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