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All you need to know about Tech Aficionado Prime

Saw the amazing video for our launch of the Prime section, but not sure what exactly could be done?

Well, Tech Aficionado brings you an exciting blog where all the services will be explained in detail along with some special offers.

Tech Aficionado Prime deals with all types of visual content creation. As of now, we don't deal in logo making but as and when the customer base increases, we'll be incorporating that and many other services too.

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Here's the link to Prime Section: Tech Aficionado Prime

What exactly can we provide?

Logo Animation- Do you have an attractive logo made for your personal brand or a company but it is just a simple inanimated image? If yes, we can provide you with the same logo but animated in a great way. Irrespective of what file you have, .AI, .PSD or just a regular PNG or JPEG/JPG image in any format and we'll animate it just for you.

Animated Poster- Nowadays regular poster/flyers are not having reach on social media but video banner or motion posters have a huge reach across different social media platforms and looks aesthetically appealing. Video ads from square-shaped to reel sized, we'll make anything, just for you.

Flyer Design- Posters are a great way to convey your message to your customer and include plenty of information in a single flyer with great visuals. Infographics are also great to look at and carry a lot of information. It can be a thumbnail of one of your YouTube videos too. Any sort of image, we'll make it.

Motion Graphics- This deals with all the types of intros and outros for your video, could also be some custom lower thirds. Titles, openers, end credits literally anything. We'll help you with that.

3D Screenshot- This is the service no one ever provided. In this, we take a screenshot or screen recording and convert it to a very attractive looking 3D screen as if it was shot using a camera. This makes your boring screenshot and screen recordings look just awesome.

Video Editing- This is a simple service where we can trim your videos, add a bunch of videos, add transition, use intros or even add subtitles. This can be customized as per your requirements.

Do we have any offers?

Yes, we've decided to give 50% off to our first 50 customers.

Here's our portfolio video in case you missed it.

Hope you understood all about Tech Aficionado prime, go ahead and order yourself a great visual content

Easing Up Tech- Tech Aficionado

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