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Tech Behind "The Matrix: Resurrections" interactive website

Did you visit the interactive website made for "The Matrix: Resurrections"?

Why am I talking about a teaser for a movie? I am supposed to make a tech blog right? Well, if you have this question then you might wanna reconsider visiting the interactive website.

First of all, the interactive website is a one-pager website meant specifically for showing you the teaser for the upcoming movie "The Matrix". The website just has a white background with the two very famous pellets, a red one and a blue one.

On clicking on either of the pellets you see two different teasers, doesn't seem very geeky right? So here comes the fun part, on whatever pellet you click you'll hear a voice speaking the time at which you're watching out loud, and it will change every time. Yes, this video will keep getting changed as you watch this at different times. Sounds cool right? I know.

Don't believe me? Go check out the website for yourself

Here's the website: The Matrix: Resurrections

Visit the website at two different times and click on either of the pellet and each time it's going to speak the updated time in the video. Some of these tricks have been used earlier too in LinkedIn posts and youtube videos. If you are using LinkedIn for a long time you must have come across a post that used to update the name of tagged persons by the person who lastly liked the post. There's also a Youtube video that does the exact same trick of updating.

Here's the link for the YouTube video:

When it was uploaded it used to work fine, bow this video might not work the way it is meant to.

Now the geeky part, how does this exactly work?

It's not a very complex mechanism something like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, this works on a very simple piece of code. It's a script that runs throughout the time, so in the matrix video, there's a code that refreshes/updates every minute. The code is continuously running and as soon as the time gets changed it changes the visuals and audio of the teaser. If you're a bit into website coding you'll notice that when you "inspect element" of the website while playing the video and then try to hamper the code, the video will stop and bring back to the home screen. It is because the video has also been coded and the code gets refreshed every second so the changing code can't be displayed. The basic algorithm is that it is running a loop indefinitely and it is meant to check the current time and if it is the same as the time showing in the video then it'll keep running otherwise it'll update it as soon as it changes.

So this is how it basically works. Hope you liked the post and if you did, make sure to hit the like button and comment on the post if you like it. Do share it with your friends and family.

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