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Whiten teeth in Adobe Photoshop

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Have photos but the teeth in them are yellowish? Just a few clicks and it will white as a Pearl

1. Open the image in Adobe Photoshop

whiten teeth with use of adobe photoshop

2. Type "O" or simply go to the "Dodge" tool.

whiten things in adobe photoshop

3. On the top slide the exposure bar to 50%, increase the size as per your requirements.

whiten things in adobe photoshop

4. Now right-click and hover over the yellow part of the teeth and make it as white as you want and you're done.

whiten things in adobe photoshop

5. Here's the difference, before vs. after comparison.

whiten things in adobe photoshop

Do share it with your friends and let them know.

Post Script - Opposite of "Dodge tool" is the "Burn" tool, it darkens the image.

Here's a video if you want the tutorial where I explained this in brief -

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